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Video-Interview + Article: Aevum 2015 (English Version)

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"We love this kind of job!"
Translation: Sven Bröker

After unfortunately having to cancel our first interview in january because of health issues, I finally got another chance as part of Haggard's Dragonfest on 10.04.2015 at the Matrix in Bochum and got to meet Aevum. The seven Italians established theri very own style of "Neo-classical Avantgarde Metal" and released a masterpiece with their first album "Impressions - Il palcoscenico della mente", which became one of the best releases in 2014. 

f.l.t.r.: Matt, me and Ian (Hydra already masked)/ Photo by Steffen Henneberger

The video-interview (see below) is the best example of the cultural connection between Italy and Germany - two accents clashing together and trying to comunicate on neutral ground, the English language, this could only become adventurours! Hydra (vocals), Ian (keyboard, synth) and Matt (drums) took part in the interview and we talked about their latest album "Impressions", their special music in general, the mixture of Italian and English bits in the lyrics, their outfits and several other topics. A brutal backstage-story became an interesting part of the interview, which contains blood as well a (laughed) tears. The reoccuring change of the interview parter resulted from communication problems, but mainly from the necessary preparations for their show, which was coming up a few hours later! Unfortunately I was not able to take any photos of Aevum while their show (I could not reach the promoter to get this fixed), but I hope to make up for this in the near future!
For everyone else: listen to the album and visit their shows! Aevum are not only nice people, but also play awesome music!

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