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Concertreport + Photos: Dark Tranquillity at Wacken Open Air 2015 (English Version)

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"Set [the stage] on fire!"
Translation: Hanna Häßlein

And it was the Headbangers Stage of the Wacken Open Air that was lit on fire by Dark Tranquillity on Thursday, 30th July 2015 from exactly 7:40 pm to 8:45 pm. This was mainly due to the attentive stage workers who made sure the curtain call was on time – in front of a Mikael Stanne who waved to the audience event through the last open crack.

It was this excitement that made the show of the Gothenburg Citizen so incredibly likeable. With their over years piled up experience and much vigor and joy of playing, the musicians managed to enthuse the audience, who was shoving numerously through the tent. Thus, Stanne was one of the few protagonists who used the full width of the stage and he even entered the specially set up Fighting Ring. From here, he sang a full song, always having his view on the fans, who, through this, were able to be especially close – proximity was generally strived for a lot. This warmth and joy almost seemed slightly paradox considering the really tough Melodic Death Metal with the melancholic-dark lyrics that characterizes Dark Tranquility. Yet, this was presented convincingly; the experience was definitely hearable and certainly payed off.
The long-standing band members Mikael Stanne (Vocals) and Martin Henriksson (Guitar), who by now has changed his long queues of hair into baldness but still is cutting a fine figure, were part of this. The band was completed by the new members Erik Jacobson (Guitar) who is currently filling in for Niklas Sundin and Anders Iwers (Bass) who supported with the lower strings and who presented a very pretty picture (It had something father and son-like). In fact, one could have easily thought that the band had been playing in this constellation from the start; the strings were played well and the stage was filled without any problems. Due to my position, I unfortunately was not able to see Anders Jivarp (Drums), however, I could hear him – Thus, I assume that he was there.
Many old songs as well as three songs of their latest album “Construct” were played. All of them very convincingly, which explains the amount of fans shoving through the tent; this led to the crowd needing up to 45 minutes to reach the exit as there was no moving forwards or backwards. Quite possibly, the band may have been better suited for an open air stage or there should have at least been open emergency exits – and times one was close to panicking.

Nevertheless, a full tent is a success for the band and Dark Tranquility was definitely worth the difficult exit.

1. The Science of Noise
2. Final Resistance
3. The Silence in Between
4. ThereIn
5. Feast of Burden
6. State of Trust
7. The Lesser Faith
8. The Treason Wall
9. Misery's Crown
10. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)

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A Video-Interview with Mikael Stanne from the Wacken coming soon!

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