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Concertreport + Photos: Ancient Bards at Wacken Open Air 2015 (English Version)

Hier klicken für die deutsche Version!

"As [minutes] pass and fly away!"
Translation: Hanna Häßlein

This is exactly what it felt like on Friday, July 7th 2015 at 11:55 am on the Headbangers Stage of the Wacken Open Air when the “Symphonic Epic Power Metal” Band Ancient Bards had their wonderful show. 
It already became clear during the sound check: something powerful-voiced was approaching! After the passionate announcement of Möppis Met Maschine, an epic atmosphere arose when the stage was entered with hoods which fir perfectly to the band’s contentual concept. It consists of an Album-Trilogy with a fantasy story as the foundation. The very well picked set list contained one top song from the first two albums each and three songs of the current work “A New Dawn Ending”. Of those, the pieces “Flaming Heart” and “In My Arms” excited especially. 

The first one was presented by Sara Squadrani (vocals) with a lot of infectious power and fire, the latter very emotionally. Both things which characterize her singing: Strength and emotions, an unbeatable combination, which makes her the ideal cast for the Ancient Bards’ microphone and predestines her for harder bombastic-songs as well as softer ballads. That one of those, in the form of “In My Arms” was set on the set list was as unexpected as it was right. The atmosphere didn’t turn moody; the audience was rather drawn in further by Sara’s convincing performance.

The musical creations of man could also satisfy all the way through. Amongst them was Simone Bertozzi (guitar), who supported the lady with his grunts at the microphone. The guitarist filled a gap in the band’s structure that had been opened by a departure and regularly provides skillful live support. Thereby he is joining Claudio Pietronik (guitar) who painted the stage red on his part: Though subtle for a guitarist it was constantly appealing and with a frequent smile on his face. Martino Garattoni (Bass), on the other hand, was a bit more offensive by using the entire width of the stage like a little hulk and playing the low strings with much vigor. This was also shown by Federico Gatti (drums) with his sticks which he applied with changing facial expressions. This made sure, next to his passionate dedication, that he wouldn’t be overseen in the background. Last but definitely not least was Daniele Mazza on the Keyboard. He played the same passionately and is not only responsible for this so important instrument but also for all the band’s music and lyrics

Summing up one can say that it was a very successful show for all the band members whereas they didn’t only do well by themselves but “played” convincingly with each other. Thereby, many changing constellations were created and excited the audience in addition to the music. A very diverse performance which was, thanks to the six passionate Italians, thrilling all the way through.
So if you are excited by the music on their CD and, just like me, curious about their live realization, then you should definitely visit a concert and you won’t regret it. For the Wacken show one can only say: Top-notch!

(I talked to the band about this in a subsequent video-interview which will be published soon)

1. Across This Life
2. Flaming Heart
3. The Birth of Evil
4. In My Arms
5. Through My Veins 

More photos:

Link to the bandwebsite:

Link to the Video-Interview with Ancient Bards:
(coming soon!)


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