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Concertreport + Photos: Metaprism at Wacken Open Air 2015 (English Version)

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"Beauty and the Beast reloaded!"
Translation: Hanna Häßlein

This year, the much-love Metal Battle took place again at the Wacken Open Air festival. The Progressive Melodic Metal band Metaprism took part as the representative of the United Kingdom. The band had her big show on Thursday at 6:15 pm and delighted with a very special Dual-Fronted combo for 20 minutes.

After Deathless Legacy presented their slightly sick horror-show on the stage next to it just a few minutes earlier, it became much more down-to-earth with Metaprism on the W.E.T. Stage – which doesn’t mean that the band didn’t go like a train! 
The Anglicans’ music is rudimentarily comparable to an EDM-free version of Amaranthe; hereby Metprism’s Dual Fronted version is less defined which makes it quite interesting. Energetic and surprisingly hard, yet, always melodic. That goes fort he EP, especially fort he single “Reload“ and, an advantage for the Wacken audience, live too! Here, it was mainly “die Schöne und das Biest“ that captured the audience with their performance. Theresa Smith (vocals) and Jut Tabor (vocals), whereat the latter one effectively developed as the beast while Theresa wasn’t only beautiful to look at and sexy all the way (optically as well as play-wise) but also showed her inner beast. Teamwork that thrilled from the first to the last minute. The rest oft he band was impressive too: Band founder Ollie Roberts (guitar), Mike West (bass), Callum Downing (guitar) and James Clarke (drums) definitely contributed their part tot he live show. Even though it wasn’t noticeable due tot he protagonists’ high level of dynamics, it was indispensable and no less energetic. 

It is no wonder that the overall show didn’t only delight the audience but also the jury, as Metaprism came 4th in the Metal Battle well-deserved. Now if that isn’t a good sign fort he debut album “The Hunan Encryption“ that will be released on September 1st. More information on that, the band’s view of their Wacken-show and more can be found in the video-interview, which I had with the band on site (link below). 

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