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Video-Interview + Article: Lisette van den Berg 2015 (English Version)

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"The stories are part of me and my emotions"
Translation: Hanna Häßlein

It is this depth that makes up Scarlet Stories lyrics, penned by Lisette van den Berg. The singer manages to excite with her voice and, even during the calmer parts of her climatic music, to create an atmosphere that rarely can be found to this extent. This is why it was a special pleasure to interview this creative (and very pleasant) artist on the 16th of October at the Female Metal Event II

With Lisette/ Photo: Mechthild Wirries.

Topics of your conversation were, amongst others, naturally Lisette's three shows at the festival here in Eindhoven, one of which was an old-Nordic performance during Ingeborg Steenhorst's fashion show "Back to the ROOTS", Lisette's musical education, her main-band Scarlet Stories and the latest EP "Resurrection", the project Karmaflow, the interaction between nature and human, the fascination of Edgar Allen Poe and other recommended reading, Lisette's personal favorite songs and plans for the future as well as an explanation for her barefoot performance at the FemME. 

The Video-Interview:

Link to Scarlet Stories website:

Link to the Karmaflow website:

Link to concertreport and photos:
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